This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name
A Adair County, Kentucky [P0209]
  Andersonville Confederate prison, Georgia [P0087]
  Arkansas [P0143]
B Baltimore, Maryland [P0204]
  Bambridge, Georgia [P0177]
  Barren County, Kentucky [P0080]
  Barry County, Missouri [P0095]
  Bemidji, Minnesota [P0073]
  Bethabara Cemetary [P0163]
  Bielany, Poland [P0042]
  Big Wood, Minnesota [P0079]
  Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana [P0205]
  Boonville, Indiana [P0081]
  Boulder, Colorado [P0186]
  Brier, Washington [P0215]
  Brown County, Indiana [P0096]
  Buck’s Lock, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania [P0051]
  Butler Grove, Illinois [P0129]
C Calhoun, kentucky [P0189]
  California [P0144]
  Callao, Missouri [P0152]
  Cannelton, Perry County, Indiana [P0156]
  Carbondale, Colorado [P0101]
  Cedar Rapids, Iowa [P0212]
  Chandler, Warrick County, Indiana [P0181]
  Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin [P0044]
  Clark County, Indiana [P0195]
  Cleveland, Ohio [P0171]
  Clinton County, Iowa [P0062]
  Colorado [P0106]
  Columbus, Indiana [P0102]
  Copenhagen, Denmark [P0003]
  Corydon, Harrison County, Indiana [P0166]
D Dauphin County, Pennsylvania [P0024]
  Davies County, Kentucky [P0018]
  Davis County Kentucky [P0034]
  Dayton, Ohio, WPAFB [P0103]
  Decatur, Michigan [P0050]
  Deming, New Mexico [P0158]
  Denison, Iowa [P0061]
  Denver, Colorado [P0105]
  Dubois County, Indiana [P0125]
  Durant, Oklahoma [P0093]
  Dustin, Oklahoma [P0124]
E Eau Claire, Wisconsin [P0046]
  Ebenezer Cemetery, Warrick County, Indiana [P0172]
  Edina, Minnesota [P0194]
  Elbert County, Georgia [P0089]
  El Segundo, California [P0149]
  Elwood, Iowa [P0054]
  Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana [P0110]
F Farmington, Illinois [P0094]
  Fayette, Iowa [P0165]
  Fort Lauderdale, Florida [P0159]
  Fort Worth, Texax [P0198]
  Fountain County, Indiana [P0019]
  Frankfort, Kentucky [P0199]
G Gainesville, Florida [P0137]
  Galesburgh, Illinois [P0135]
  Gausdal, Norway [P0045]
  Georgia [P0015]
  Georgia [P0021]
  Germantown, Pennsylvania [P0053]
  Gibson County, Indiana [P0036]
  Gillette, Wyoming [P0200]
  Gortyn, Poland [P0043]
  Grafton, North Dakota [P0069]
  Grand Forks, North Dakota [P0070]
  Granite City, Illinois [P0145]
  Greencastle, Indiana [P0154]
  Greenwood, Indiana [P0190]
H Hadleigh, Suffolk County, England [P0007]
  Hadley, Middlesex County, England [P0004]
  Hancock County, Kentucky [P0211]
  Hannibal, Missouri [P0176]
  Hanover, Germany [P0041]
  Hillsboro, Montgomery County, Illinois [P0115]
  Hopkins County, Kentucky [P0188]
  Hopkinsville, Kentucky [P0202]
  Huntingburg, Dubois County, Indiana [P0113]
I Illinois [P0088]
  Indiana [P0023]
  Indianapolis, Indiana [P0097]
  Inglewood, California [P0141]
  Iowa [P0057]
  Iowa City, Iowa [P0214]
  Irwin, Iowa [P0060]
J Jasper, Dubois County, Indiana [P0114]
  Jeffersonville, Indiana [P0175]
K Kankakee, Illinois [P0039]
  Kansas [P0122]
  Kentucky [P0020]
  Kirwin, Kansas [P0120]
  Knox County, Indiana [P0028]
L Lackey, Kentucky [P0167]
  Lafayette, Indiana [P0009]
  Lancaster County, Pennsylvania [P0049]
  Lane Township, Warrick County, Indiana [P0025]
  Las Vegas, Nevada [P0066]
  Le Sueur, Minnesota [P0160]
  Lincoln County, Arkansas [P0127]
  Lincoln, Illinois [P0086]
  Lincoln, Nebraska [P0038]
  Linn County, Iowa [P0056]
  Livingston, Montana [P0076]
  Logan County, Illinois [P0118]
  Logan County Kentucky [P0012]
  Long Beach, california [P0155]
  Lost Nation, Iowa [P0064]
  Louisville, Kentucky [P0130]
  Lynn, Massachusetts [P0140]
  Lynnville, Warrick County, Indiana [P0174]
M Mahaska County, Iowa [P0063]
  Maquoketa, Jackson County, Iowa [P0065]
  Marquette, Michigan, Sawyer AFB [P0104]
  Marrietta, Cobb County, Georgia [P0191]
  Martin, Kentucky [P0184]
  Mason County, Illinois [P0119]
  Minto, North Dakota [P0074]
  Misoula, Montana [P0078]
  Missouri [P0040]
  Moline, Illinois [P0092]
  Monroe County, Indiana [P0098]
  Monroe County, Louisiana [P0126]
  Monroe, Washington [P0213]
  Morehouse, Missouri [P0138]
  Morehouse, New Madrid County, Missouri [P0128]
  Morgan County, Indiana [P0100]
  Morristown, Tennessee [P0185]
  Mt. Vernon, illinois [P0170]
N Napolean, Henry County, Ohio [P0168]
  Nelson County Kentucky [P0035]
  New Albany, Indiana [P0197]
  Newburgh, Indiana [P0162]
  New Jersey [P0121]
  Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania [P0052]
  North Carolina [P0031]
O Oakland City, Indiana [P0116]
  Oakwood, North Dakota [P0068]
  Odebolt, Iowa [P0059]
  Ohio [P0091]
  Ontario, Canada [P0072]
  Orlando, Florida [P0179]
  Oslo, Minnesota [P0067]
  Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Santa Barbara, California [P0193]
P Palatine, Illnois [P0148]
  Paoli, Orange County, Indiana [P0111]
  Paula Valley, Oklahoma [P0139]
  Pekin, Illinois [P0131]
  Pennington, Castle, Cumberland County, England [P0002]
  Pennsylvania [P0001]
  Perry County, Pennsylvania [P0058]
  Petersburg, Illinois [P0133]
  Pfoutes Valley, Pennsylvania [P0055]
  Pigeon Township, Warrick County, Indiana [P0032]
  Piggott, Arkansas [P0029]
  Pike County, Indiana [P0037]
  Pine Bluff, Arkansas [P0151]
  Princeton, Gibson County, Indiana [P0201]
  Putnamville, Indiana [P0123]
R Randolph County, Illinois [P0136]
  Red Wing, Minnesota [P0077]
  Rice Lake, Wisconsin [P0083]
  Ripley County, Missouri [P0153]
  Rothbury [P0008]
  Rothbury, Northumberland County, England [P0006]
  Russell County, Kentucky [P0208]
S Saint Petersburg, Florida [P0147]
  Salt Lake City, Utah [P0132]
  San Bernardino, California [P0134]
  San Diego, California [P0099]
  San Rapheals Church, Goleta, California [P0192]
  Santa Monica, California [P0169]
  Seattle, Washington [P0157]
  Seminole, Oklahoma [P0180]
  Seneca County, New York [P0207]
  Sikeston, Missouri [P0178]
  Simpson County, Kentucky [P0017]
  Sonoma County, Calfornia [P0016]
  Sonstehage, Norway [P0047]
  South Bend, Indiana [P0010]
  South Carolina [P0000]
  South Dakota [P0187]
  Spartanburg, South Carolina [P0216]
  Spencer County, Indiana [P0082]
  St Cloud, Minnesota [P0075]
  St Louis, Missouri [P0142]
  Stonishmire, Scotland [P0071]
  Sturgis, Kentucky [P0173]
  Sullivan, Missouri [P0146]
  Sumner County Tennessee [P0033]
  Superior, Wisconsin [P0084]
T Tacoma, Washington [P0107]
  Tennessee [P0117]
  Texas [P0206]
  Topeka, Kansas [P0203]
  Trondheim, Norway [P0048]
U Union County, South Carolina [P0210]
V Vanderburgh County, Indiana [P0161]
  Venice, Illinois [P0112]
  Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana [P0183]
  Virginia [P0026]
W Warrick County, Indiana [P0013]
  Washington [P0164]
  Wayne City, Illinois [P0109]
  White Oak Springs, Patoka Township, Pike County, Indiana [P0027]
  Wilson County, Tennessee [P0108]
Z Zion UCC, South Bend Indiana [P0030]